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Update Existing Websites

responsive website design

Does your current website load on all these devices?

If your website was built before 2012, chances are it needs an update even if on the surface it appears to look okay. Recently someone called about updating a site because they were having trouble being found in the top search results on Google. After some testing we discovered that the site performance was terrible (see below)


Up to 70 percent of some website traffic is now from a mobile device or tablet. A lot has changed in the last few years with the popularity of the Apple Iphone/Ipad and Samsung Galaxy S5 & Samsung Tablets. If your customer cannot read or see your web site properly on their device, they are going to leave your site and visit another one that will load. Also, Google and Bing are taking measures to penalize and even eliminate websites from page results that are not mobile friendly!  The bottom line, you cannot afford to keep an old web site.

Contact us today, and we will give you a free report to determine if your site is responsive aka mobile friendly.

Below are the results from a recently designed site that has been optimized for fast response times and will load on various devices.

Knoxville Website Update

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