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mobile-friendly design knoxvilleBeginning in April of 2015, Google began factoring in a mobile-friendly test into the search engine results. Have you tested your site? Each week, we test an alarming number of websites that are not mobile-friendly! We decided to look at a site traffic report which shows the number of visitors who visited the site from a mobile device and tablet. We compared a one month period of traffic in 2013 to a one month period of traffic in 2015 and the results clearly show why Google has decided to encourage website owners to be mobile-friendly.

mobile vs. desktop trafficAs you can see in this graphic, in 2013 93 percent of the traffic on the Ford Thunderbird forum was from a desktop computer. In 2015 only 57 percent of the site traffic came from a desktop or laptop computer!

In 2013 about 6.5 percent of the site traffic was from a mobile device or tablet, and in 2015 that number soared to 42 percent! We expect that number will continue to rise because mobile devices and tablets are more convenient.  Do you use a corded landline phone or a cell phone? Same principle applies.

We have literally seen a website where sales went up over 20% the same day a mobile-friendly site was launched and orders were placed from mobile devices. ┬áCall 865-377-9327 or email us today and we will send you a free report that will determine if your site passes Google’s mobile-friendly test.

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